50 Things About Me

Hi There,

Welcome back! I am working away on writing some interesting and engaging content for you to enjoy while you wait for ballet/swimming/karate/piano lessons to wrap up.

I don’t want to let the crickets chirp too long over here at Stainless Styled. So in an effort to introduce myself, I’ve compiled a list of 50 things about me:

  1. My name is Alisha Olandesca.
  2. I married to the man of my dreams.
  3. My Little Love is 8 years old. He has the biggest heart, and is incredibly gifted and honest. One day he will build robots, and be the CEO  of the company he made up…Live Corp.
  4. My tiny love is almost 6. She is so very kind. She has killer comedic timing and is hilarious. She made up her first knock knock joke when she was 3. It goes like this. “Knock knock.”, “Who’s there?”, “Sauce.”, “Sauce who?”, “Sausage!!!”. Pretty darn funny for a 3 year old! She wants to be a doctor when she grows up, and has a very funky sense of style. She giggles in her sleep almost every night.
  5. I was not raised with any sort of religious observance. I knew who Christ was, and I was baptized, but not a whole lot outside of that. I definitely remember feeling called to the Catholic Church at an early age however.
  6. My first communion was on my wedding day. Which was 6 months before I completed RCIA. Thank you Bishop Henry for that immense blessing!
  7. I chose Gloria for my confirmation name as a reminder to always give glory to God.
  8. Religion fascinates me. One day I hope to earn a degree in Comparative Religion, or Theology.
  9. I have been praying the rosary for about a year and a half now.
  10. I have a diploma in Fundraising Management. I couldn’t choose a career path, and since I enjoyed event planning, it only made sense to learn to do it well, and for a good cause.
  11. My favorite scents are grapefruit, and the laundry smell that comes out of the vents of homes in the evening.
  12. I am a stay at home mom and my children are, in fact, the cutest in the world. Just saying.
  13. If I hadn’t married, I would have ended up a nun.
  14. I had an addiction to Lip Smackers lip gloss as a teen. Well lip balm in general, if I’m being honest. I can now say that I successfully control this addiction, and currently own only 3 lip balms: 1 Blistex Medicated (My favorite! It has the perfect combination of tingly mintiness, and lip softening ability.), 1 EOS (not sure what all the hype is about. Maybe just the cute packaging?), and 1 Lip Smackers Orange Soda (just as delicious as it was back in 1998).
  15. One day I hope to be published.
  16. I fell into Entrepreneurship when I helped my husband start a business, and ended up partnering with him on it. I love it!
  17. I have resisted social media…until now! It’s true. No Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumbler, or Snap Chat. I do plan on starting a Twitter account for Stainless Styled soon though.
  18. I like to talk in Twitter-ese to irritate my husband. Hashtag annoying right?
  19. I don’t understand Pokemon and Shopkins: What are they? What do you do with them? Are they just collectibles or is there more to it? Hashtag confused old mom.
  20. My worst feature is that I talk too much. I get anxious in social settings because I’m embarrassed that I talk too much.
  21. My sister is my best friend!
  22. I love all things fiber and am a self taught knitter, crocheter, quilter, and embroiderer. I learned everything from You Tube and Craft Blogs.
  23. I was born without the ability to make things pretty. I stink at home decor, make up, landscaping, fashion, and anything/everything that is design related or visual.
  24. I love to walk and hike.
  25. My favorite books series is Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. Shocking I know.
  26. My favorite author is Jane Austen. Also super original.
  27. A potential mid life project of mine includes land in the country and some sheep.
  28. I honestly believe I was born in the wrong time period.
  29. The thing I look forward to the most about going to Heaven is finally getting answers to all of my questions! For instance, what did Jesus write in the sand when he challenged the townsfolk to cast the first stone at the adulterous woman?? That one, in particular, drives me mental.
  30. I really like my hair. I don’t spend a ton of time on it, but when it behaves, I have been known to talk sweetly to it.
  31. My husband says I talk too loud in public, and I drink all of his drink before he gets to drink it.
  32. I can’t wait to go on my first mission and/or pilgrimage!
  33. I grew up in a small town in Southern Alberta, Canada. For all of my Yankee friends who are curious, Alberta is pretty much just Montana + Texas = Manners.
  34. I don’t have a favorite food.
  35. I live in Calgary. Our Mayor Naheed Nenshi was awarded the 2014 World Mayor Prize! He really is just that awesome. Big, big, fan.
  36. I wish I could garden. I get serious garden envy. I’m much better at growing children.
  37. I have completed 3 half marathons.
  38. I have an 8 year old chocolate lab named Marrom (Mare-Om). AKA The Dog-Mother. She thinks my children are her puppies.
  39. A Buddhist monk named Phunstog encouraged me to follow God’s call to seek out the Catholic Church. He is an amazing person.
  40. I am blessed to serve as an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion at my parish.
  41. I love Latin Mass but don’t go as often as I should.
  42. I want to renovate an old school bus into a camper van for my family.
  43. I like my kid’s cartoons more than they do.
  44. I’m a 90’s chick. It was the best decade for music. Across the board.
  45. I have a debilitating sweet tooth.
  46. My favorite season is spring.

Oh man….. I am really digging for these last 4!

47. My favorite super hero is Thor.
48. I really enjoy sipping whiskey. Yum!
49. I can never curl my right eyelashes as nicely as the left. They are always uneven!
50. I can’t flare my nostrils, and my family makes fun of me for it.

So that’s me, in a pretty big nutshell! Talk soon..



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