Scratching an Itch

Happy Wednesday to you all!

This is my third post and I am still technologically inept…although maybe just a smidge less than I was a week ago. I like to do things properly. So I learn and plan, and plan and read, prior to executing any project. If you combine my anal leanings with my internet/social media deficiencies, you get delays in posts due to research. I am a stay at home mom/entrepreneur. So IF I had time to ponder this, I would wonder if I was actually dealing with procrastination OR a fear of failure, dressed up as excessive internet research. But, I am a stay at home mom/entrepreneur…. I don’t have time for a leisurely review of my true motivations. Lucky for me I’m Catholic. I know I’m a sinner. My motivations are mostly self serving. I say this with true lighthearted honesty. I also know I’m forgiven. So I don’t have to analyze ME as much as I should analyze HIM in all of His great glory…. And HER in all of her loving tenderness.

In the spirit of doing things properly, I thought I’d outline why I started this blog and what I intend to do with it. I realize literally as I’m typing this that I sound like I’m trying to convince a banker to give me a loan for a food truck. Humor me, because I don’t think I’ll make it to post number four if I don’t scratch this itch.

As mentioned previously, I am a stay at home mom/entrepreneur. I had a very specific and lovely plan for my life:

1 Marry my best friend – Check!

2 Raise and homeschool 4 little angels – Um half a check?

3 Indulge my desire for all things fibre and turn that into a modest career potentially writing patterns, maybe a book, or open a cozy shop of my own…and never engage in social media time sucking pastimes – no check. (I invite you to follow me at @stainlessstyled)

You can see that things started to unravel shortly after step 1. I have always known that God has a sense of humor. I don’t think it’s all that funny when He goes messing with my plans. That being said, He probably doesn’t like it when I assume my plans are better than His.

So here is how things have gone/are going, according to His will:

1 Have her marry her best friend – Check!

2 Keep her home to raise my two beautiful angels. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD SHE BE ALLOWED TO HOMESCHOOL! Have her send the angels to those wonderfully gifted Catholic educators they call teachers – Check!

3 Trick her into becoming the co founder of a start up by appealing to her wifely devotion to her husband. Then after she’s fallen in love with it, catapult her out of her comfort zone and into the dizzying world of entrepreneurship. Make this particularly uncomfortable so she falls more in love with Me and my blessed Mother – Check!

You can see from the plan I just outlined, we were not on the same page whatsoever.

Through out this process I have rediscovered a love of writing that I had as a teen. I also identified an intense need for a personal outlet. A blog was the obvious option. A place for me to explore religion, connect with like minded people, and just share a part of myself.

I plan on using this blog primarily to learn about our rich Catholic faith. I also want to explore the role of women in faith, be they Catholic or of some other religion. I hope to deepen my understanding of Mary and our collective devotion to her. I also want to talk about fluffier things like books, and beauty, movies, and yarn.

As I demonstrated earlier in this post, my plans are not always His plans. 6 months from now I may be reviewing board games or selling doughnuts from this blog. I’ve stopped pretending to know what’s in store, but I am excited to find out!




What would you like to see happen here that maybe you’ve not yet seen on a Blog geared towards Catholic women?