Philippians 4:7

“The peace of the Lord, that transcends all understanding…”

Raise your hand if you are currently resting in the peace Paul and Timothy described.

Day in. Day out. Through ups and downs, ins and outs, you are able to hold on to this peace. If your hand is still up, please leave a comment! I am in need of some serious’ how to’ in this area. In fact, I highly suggest you bottle that peace and set up a road side stand. You will retire early… I can guarantee that.

Since I started down the road called ‘self employed business owner’, I have struggled to hold onto the peace of Christ. It’s fleeting. Or down right elusive. There are times I can find it, yes: post Eucharist and confession, special moments with my family, at rosary time etc. Unfortunately it is not something that resides within me consistently.

But isn’t it supposed to? I mean, call me naive but after I came home to Rome, wasn’t Mama Mary supposed to wrap me up in her mantle so I could float through life’s worries with a sense of sanguinity? Definitely naive. I didn’t expect to never feel stress, or to struggle. I suppose I thought that by following God’s call and doing His will I would be afforded a sense of certainty in terms of a positive outcomes.

I do not doubt God’s presence in my life. He has walked with me every step of the way. I guess what I’m trying to communicate here is  a longing for the peace of Christ that stayed around just a while longer. I want to learn from those who have mastered the art of carrying the peace of Christ with them consistently, and are therefore be more able to pass that peace along to the people around them. I would love to know I am a source of Christ’s Peace to others! I think I need to figure it out for myself first, before I strive for such lofty goals.

One amazing of a Catholic who has shared the peace of Christ with others is Tommy Tighe. Many prayers for this Godly man, and his wife, and children. Thank you for being the faithful Catholics that you are.

So! You masters of the faith out there…bless me with your recommendations for keeping the peace of Christ ever present in my life. Apart from my regular prayer, scripture, Rosary, and confession, what could I be doing to different/better to experience the peace of our Lord and Savior?