First Communion

First Holy Communion

It’s First Holy Communion time in our house and the Little Man is preparing to celebrate this sacrament at the end of the month. As my mom friends will attest to, I am super excited about this! Maybe even annoyingly so?

I am an adult convert. This means my husband and I celebrated quite a few sacraments, one after the other, as we formed our family. It has definitely been a while though, and I am more than ready to celebrate a new one!

The timing couldn’t be more perfect either, and I’m gushing for a number of reasons:


  • He is ready. Little Man has matured so much in the last 6 months. We finally transitioned from being a little kid at mass, to being a big kid at mass. Which boils down to no more bringing toys, participating in the prayers, and not making machine guns sounds while playing video games in your head. It felt like a constant struggle for us. Of course it doesn’t help that Little Lady is 5 and still allowed to bring a book or stuffy along. But all of a sudden it just clicked for him, and he’s been wonderful ever since.
  • He seems to have grown up a touch too. He’s always been very cautious, and lately he has become really brave and adventurous. He’s growing like a weed and is all legs, and his face lost that last bit of baby chub. He has always been my Little Man, but now when I watch him, he looks like one.
  • He is super into his friends. When he was small, he always preferred to play alone. As long as he had his imagination, he was happy. Now he is so much more into his buddies than I ever anticipated and I have come to genuinely love these little people. When I’m bawling at Mass, it won’t just be for my kid. It’ll be for the buddies too!
  • He seems to GET IT. What the Eucharist really is. He asks so many questions, I can barely keep up. In this house, we  always question our faith. I encourage it. I want these two to constantly be learning about, and choosing their Catholic faith because it  feels right: in their hearts and their minds. So the term Transubstantiation has been a hot topic. He understands now what is happening every Sunday and why it is so vitally important. And that just makes my heart sing.
  • May is dedicated to Mother Mary. How apropos that she is helping me guide the Little Man on his own path to the Eucharist. Good grief….now I’m getting teary eyed.
  • May is also Maternal Mental Health Month. When I was preparing for Little Man’s Baptism 8 years ago, I was dealing with a case of undiagnosed Postpartum Depression. It’s amazing to see how far we have come by the grace of God, and help from some excellent mental health care professionals. I will be remembering the importance of Maternal Mental Health as our family calendar gets down right messy with Little Lady’s end of year dance requirements, 6th birthday BBQ, their soccer, and his First Communion all happening within 2 short weeks. #Frazzled
  • Lastly, my husband and I get to volunteer! Little Man was hoping we would be able to, as the husband is a Lector, and I am a Eucharistic Minister. And low and behold we do. I’m over the moon!


I hope that all the parents out their are getting excited as well! It’s a big moment for your child to shine. To bring them to their first communion is a huge deal! We all suffer from the ‘should be’s’- my house should be cleaner, my kids should be better behaved, I should be at the gym more often, I should be at church every Sunday…. For now, try to let it go. Practicing Catholic, bi yearly Catholic, completely lapsed Catholic. Wherever you fall on the this spectrum, you are bringing your child to receive the Body of Christ, and for that I commend you.

It’s going to be a beautiful day!


I am working on a gift guide for First Holy Communion. I hope to have that out by the end of the week. Did I ever find some great gift ideas for you! I can’t wait to share.


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