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6 Awesome 1st Holy Communion Gifts

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Full disclosure – this blog post contains affiliate links.

It’s been a looooong time. I had intended on posting this in early May. That obviously didn’t happen, and now First Communion (at least in our neck of the woods) is tomorrow. I’d like to blame it on spring fever, or heck, just being plain lazy. I’m placing the blame squarely on the shoulders of those nasty little so-n-so’s that start with an ‘L’ and end with an ‘ICE’. Oh yes. If I start complaining I won’t stop so I’ll move on.

In less than 24 hours, my Little Man will be celebrating his First Holy Communion. Sigh. I am far too emotional about this. I had better figure out how to control myself, because I get to serve as Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion at Mass and it might not go over well if I’m boo-hoo’ing into the ciborium.

My dear sister, who is not Catholic, asked me what a really cool gift would be. In searching for some options to show her, I realized there wasn’t a lot out there that would appeal to my 8 year old boy. Not a lot that struck a good balance between being religious/sentimental and fun. After a pretty in depth search, I managed to come up with a few real gems!

  1. Last Supper Building Block Set

This, to me, is hilarious. Jesus in mini figure form. Works with all major block sets on the market (ie: Lego). My guy still loves Lego, and although the pieces may end up in the communal Lego tub eventually, he would honestly never forget the time he got Jesus Lego. There is also a Moses and the Ten Commandments set, and a Noah’s Ark set. Am I the only parent who would kidnap Lego Jesus and take him on a traveling gnome type adventure?

2. Book of Saints and Hero’s

All of the epic saint stories that would appeal to an 8 year old are in this book. My son is a huge Saint George fan (because of the dragon). So this is a book that would definitely interest him and keep him reading through the summer months.

3. God’s Promises for Girls  & God’s Promises for Boys

These books are a great resource for children. The premise of the books gets kids thinking about bringing all the situations they may be facing, to God. This will ultimately foster the idea of God as a loving parent. After all, why would we present our difficulties to God if he didn’t care? What I like best about this product is that it’s for boys and girls separately. The underlying message being sent here is that gender is a part of what makes a child truly special and unique!

4. Pope Francis Bobblehead

As G.K. Chesterton once said, “It is the test of a good religion whether you can joke about it.” Insert Pope Francis Bobblehead.

5. Dear Pope Francis, The Pope Answers Letters from Children Around the World

This is a great way to commemorate the fact that your little one celebrated First Communion during Francis’s Papacy. It also provides great food for thought for the child reading it!

6. I Am Blessed! Socks

This is a really fun gift idea. Priced at $9.99, it’s a cute and thrifty choice. You can order them at Catholic Supply, and they start applying discounts on orders over 10. So it’s a great option for teachers, catechism leaders, and Duggars alike.

I hope this list proves helpful. Let me know if I’ve missed anything good and I’ll be sure to add it in!